Menu Tags & Symbols

A menu tag reading Savannah Dal with three icons: red with a heart for heart healthy, yellow with a V for vegan, and blue with a house for Taste of Home.Menu tags are an excellent way to choose options that fit your lifestyle while on the meal plan.

Each available menu item at the stations in the dining commons will be marked with nutritional information through the use of menu symbols. You can see an example of a menu tag to the right.

Menu symbols on menu tags include:

Green circle with leaf.  Meatless: May contain eggs and/or dairy

Yellow circle with a V in it  Vegan: Also considered vegetarian

Red cirvle with heart.  Heart Healthy: Less than 10% of Calories from Saturated Fat, Less than 0.5 grams of Trans Fat, Less than 480 mg of Sodium.

Blue circle with a house in it.  Taste of Home Recipe: A family-submitted recipe selected from our annual Taste of Home Celebration to be added to the menu rotation


Allergen Information

Go to Build Your Plate to view allergen information on individual recipes at the dining commons. You can also learn more about eating on the meal plan with allergies and special diets here.

Menu symbols on Build Your Plate include:

A pink circle with a shell in it.  Contains Crustacean Shellfish

A blue circle with a bottle of milk in it.  Contains Milk

An orange circle with an egg in it.  Contains Eggs

A pink circle with a fish in it.  Contains Fish

A purple circle with GF in it.  Free of Gluten

A brown circle with a walnut in it.  Contains Tree Nuts

A brown circle with a peanut in it.  Contains Peanuts

A green circle with a pod of soybeans in it.  Contains Soybeans

A yellow circle with wheat in it.  Contains Wheat